Top 3 Question/Answers Sites Where You Could Ask Your Question

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Everybody is learning day by day and gaining a vast variety of knowledge with experiences in their lives and with the availability of internet resources like Wikipedia etc, the learning process just became more fast. We know there are thousands of resources online but still sometimes there are some questions in our mind which requires a community with original people to answer, for this online communities are made which give answers to your questions and I am going to share top 3 of them which provide really fast answers.

You just need to sign up with any one of these or you could use them all and ask your question. Then wait, and a whole bunch of answers will be given. These communities cover a wide range of topics so you could ask about anything. For bloggers and people doing marketing or SEO should also use these sites to promote their content or products with other people. I will cover this topic later but you could also get high quality authority backlinks by actively participating in these sites. You guys should read Best Ways To Make Penguin Safe Backlinks article in which I have given a brief description. Now, Lets start with these communities.

1. Yahoo Answers yahoo answers Yahoo Answers is the most popular community which allows you to ask and answer questions on different topics. It is currently the top 4th visited sites according to Alexa in the whole world which means thousands of people are online every time to answer your queries. They have a rating system through which top people who have given best answers are decided. Secondly, when you answer a question it could be chosen as the best answer and comes at the top by the person who is asking the question. They have a strict spam policy and you need a Yahoo account to enter this community.

2. Wiki.Answers


Wiki Answers comes at second number by being the 163rd top most visited site. It is again a popular site covering wide range of topics of questions which people could ask. They are also known to be a good answering community. You can answer questions and use references in it by using their reference library. The answers are moderated and best answer will be shown. Featured and new questions are posted on their homepage. You can sign up using your Facebook account which is just an easy way out there.

3. Quora


Quora is one of my favourite answering community because they also promote socialization in their program. You could follow people and a stream is running in your dashboard showing you the latest answers from the people you follow. You could also start your blog on quora. They have a huge database of questions which are answered daily by thousands and even millions of people. As they say, Quora is a good source for knowledge”. You could register this community by using your Facebook, Google and Twitter account but if you don’t have or don’t want these accounts to be linked then they have an option to directly register with any email account.

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