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Youtube proxy is a great way to unblock youtube and even other sites where you have no access to these services, like school, workplace etc. There have been many countries in which this video sharing site has been officially banned so these proxies can be helpful in unblocking the service in that countries.

YouTube proxy server simply changes the ip address which is then used to surf the site. You might have looked on a great number of proxy servers online but as YouTube is a video sharing site it requires a high speed properly configured proxy to run smoothly. So today, I am going to share some best Youtube proxy servers list which will allow you to run it smoothly.

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I am just going to share the 3 best youtube proxy servers because these are one of the best and highly ranked. To use these all proxies, you just need to visit the page and then enter the address Youtube (or any particular video). That’s all everything will work fine. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Proxfree Youtube Proxy

Proxfree is one of my favourite and best YouTube proxy server. They have 24/7 fast proxies ready for surfing websites. It is made to bypass the censorship restrictions and for people who are looking to browse the internet privately. To use it just visit the site. Write the website address and click the Proxfree button. This proxy uses two kinds of YouTube player including Flash Player (for old browsers) and HTML5 player (for latest browsers). You can also watch video in different YouTube formats.

Using this service you have the ability to activate/deactivate SSL security. You can surf website from different locations, just choose your location from the drop down menu under Server Location. You can choose the proxies with different speeds. Other features are same as every proxy server includes like allow cookies, remove page titles, no referer, no user agent etc. Overall it is a great service.

2. HideMyAss Proxy Server

Hidemyass is a popular proxy service which also provides with premium VPN service on a good monthly package. They provide people with raw working proxy lists and more services which allows you to surf internet privately. There YouTube proxy is also good which allows you to easily watch videos using the video player at a fast streaming rate.

The one thing I dislike about them is there advertisements, but don’t worry they are not too much to annoy you. They just promote their VPN service. HideMyAss also provides you with easy Chrome and Firefox extensions which makes it easy to use there service.

3. BlewPass

BlewPass is not so much popular but still a good service with nice features. It provides almost similar features to Proxfree proxy. It allows you to change the quality, uses JwPlayer and HTML5 player with mobile support, has all extra features included in other proxy servers. The best thing which forced me to feature this service was that it allows you to download YouTube videos.

Yes, you heard that right, people are currently finding ways to download YouTube videos but BlewPass proxy allows you to easily download video while surfing YouTube even on blocked networks. You should check it out.

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