4 Best Paste And Share Websites To With High Ranks

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A bunch of useful services are provided online for free. These were in a few number before but now they have been popping up really fast all over the internet due to increase in users usage. We have already talked about 4 Best Places To Host Your Images And Share Them, now I am going to share 4 Best Paste and Share Websites which allows you to host your text or code online and then you can share it.

These services are high ranked and after you paste your text they are indexed in search engines easily which help you get traffic easily to your sites but they also allow you to keep your texts private.

1. Pastebin


Pastebin is one of the most used and oldest text hosting service. Every second, new pastes are being added by different users and you do not need to register for using this service but only registered users can make there pastes private.

Just visit the site and you will get the option to write your own text. After you have written your text in the New Paste box, then type the Paste Name/Title and Submit it. Pastebin allows you to define an expiration date which means the after the time you have defined your paste will be deleted.

You can also make Public posts and private posts. I would recommend using pastebin when you are providing some kind of free stuff, just create a new paste with all the information and provide a link to your website. Then this paste will be indexed in search engines and get hits which will get you leads but don’t try for highly competitive keywords.

2. TinyPaste


Tinypaste comes at 2nd number in ranking and is same as pastebin but with advanced features. It is an easy to use service, visit the site and you will find the filed in which you have to paste your data.

This service provides you will advanced writing features with the options to bold, italicize, underline, change colours, size and much more. You have the option to easily add a video. You can also password protect your paste for high security which means even if your link is leaked still user needs a password to access your paste.

They also provide an earning program, for every 1000 visits to your pastes they pay you $2. They pay on 1st of every month.l

3. Chop


Chop is another great service with a great interface. You can easily paste your code and choose from different syntax highlighting like html, JavaScript, CSS, SQL and many more. Another feature which is exclusively provided by them is the ability to grab source code of any website, you just need to type the url.

Another great feature is the commenting every line of your post. It means that when you have created a post divided in different lines, you send it to your friends and share it online.  People can now come and comment on each and every link separately. Isn’t that something useful. If you shared a code people could help you and get help from you by using comments.

4. Snipt


Snipt allows you to create and share code snippets online easily. You have the option to include or exclude line numbers. You can select a code title and has a largest syntax list for highlighting over 80 different languages. You can also make your snipt code private from others so no one can see it without your permission.

It allows you to increase or decrease text size. You can view plain text version of your paste and also download it. To make sharing easy they provide you with an embed code which can be easily used to share your paste anywhere on the web.

Each service has its own great features and they try to improve user experience so people like them. So, just use each of them and share your comments with us.


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