How Do Smartphones Have Changed Our Lives?

HTC Smartphone

In the recent years studies have shown that mobile phones usage have been increasing day by day. The very first mobile phone was really helpful as a mean of communication for different people but the situation is a lot different in today’s world. Due to the rapid technological change, making smartphones cheap and more useful for different tasks, the usage has been started to differ. I still remember Nokia as a mobile phone leader in past years introducing its most successful N-series phones with Symbian software were looked to be really good and fast. What if we compare those phones with today’s Android or iOS smartphones, The change can be identified by any junior or just a person entering into the world of portable technology. 

What We Do On Cell Phones To Pass Our Time?

Cell Phones have become a great source of entertainment, information and is used in several different ways by people. If compared with the past the mobile phone use has been rapidly increased and in future it is expected to replace the desktops and laptops.

Top 5 Smartphone APPS to Lose Weight


It takes time and commitment to lose weight and become healthy. Chances for falling for health bandwagon is therefore very high. Centers for Disease Control have recently confirmed that more than a third of Americans are obese. It has also been established that the obesity is endlessly looking for ways to shed off that extra weight. Why not easily shed off weight using these tested applications to meet the goals? Sky helpline comes in viable in lose weight iPhone apps.

WordPress or Blogger For Starting Your New Blog

Wordpress vs Blogger

Today, making a website has been made easy. You do not need to learn any kind of coding. This has been made easy with the introduction of content management systems and the web scripts which allows easy creation of blogs and websites. The most popular of the blog building CMS includes WordPress and Blogger. Both of them have great benefits but the thing is which one should people use? For this, I am going to do a comparison on there main features which would benefit, making it easy for you to choose the best platform according to your needs.

How To Get Verified on Twitter – Step By Step Guide

Verified Twitter Youtube Account

Twitter is a kind of q social network which has grown a lot in the past few years. Popular personalities, artists, big companies have found a way to promote their ideas, products and services using social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. This is done for promotion and also to see how much influential they are or how much public strength do they have. Here one problem arises of fake accounts , for example in the above picture you are seeing a Youtube twitter account but how do we know that it is run by the original Youtube people? To tackle this situation, all popular networks Verify their accounts which makes them legit.

Best 10 Paid Android Apps For Your Smartphone

Paid Android Apps

Android is one of the leading smartphone software used by popular mobile companies. It was introduced by Google and made popular in a short time. The best thing which I like about the Android smartphones is the ability to customise them with the help of applications which are available on the Google Play Store and are available for different Android software versions. You might have heard of some best Android applications but today I am going to share some best and top ranking Paid Android Apps. I will focus on the best 10 Paid Android Apps.

Yoast vs All In One SEO Pack – Best WordPress SEO Plugins Comparison

Yoast SEO and All In One SEO Plugins

Search engine optimisation is the most important task every blogger and website owner has to go through. The one who do it correctly are successful in a short time but the ones who fail do not have a bright future. No matter what platform are you using, it could be WordPress, Blogger, Drupal or any other CMS but the SEO is really important. None of the platform is fully optimised for Search Engine Optimisation so we have to make them so our website performs well in top search engines, mainly Google.

Which Is Better, iOS vs Android vs Windows Phone – Choose The Best

ios vs android vs windows phone

The use of mobile phones and tablets are increasing day by day because they are portable and easy to carry with all features you can find in a desktop or laptop. The big smartphone producers have tried to innovate the system by introducing there own mobile operating systems which are unique with all having their own applications and features. The most popular of them with having almost whole market share are iOS (made by Apple), Android (an open source software from Google) and Windows Phone (made by Microsoft). So let me give you a iOS vs Android vs Windows Phone comparison.